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Literally translated from German ‘Herzklopfen’ means a heart beat. However, in German it can be used to describe the normal beating of the heart or if you say you have ‘Herzklopfen’ it means you are experiencing fear, nervousness or even love. 

I awoke in the morning to a dark sky and a killing tiredness at 6.20am. Today was my very first lecture at the university and though it is only a pre-course for Maths it was the first time going back to work! Everything was the first:

  • first time alone using the subway in Munich
  • first time taking the subway to the university
  • first time being in the uni
  • first lecture
  • first time writing and working after 5 months!

Thankfully I found my way quite quickly from the station to the Audimax (main lecture hall of TUM) as most of the people walking to that one exit were headed to that lecture. The lecture hall was huge when I walked in and though I have mentally prepared myself for this moment, I still have ‘Herzklopfen’. 

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